Tailpro has developed in-house remote sensing techniques that were originally developed for improving our engineering design and audit services. These techniques increase onsite data collection and provide a real picture (literally!) of how a tailings facility is operating on a daily basis. The three services currently provided are:

  • Time-lapse Photography – In-house camera controller designed and manufactured to take pictures of spigot and beach performance as well as general wall construction and decant pond size variations.
  • Satellite Imagery – Custom in-house code developed to render aerial imagery to real geometric coordinates and provide precise overlapping with historic imagery. Software developed to map wet and dry area size and drying behaviour.
  • Remote Piloted Platforms – Tailpro did develop two in-house Unmanned Aerial Vehicals (UAV) or drones, but now out-sources this service due to a few disappearances. However, we have developed a similar aerial photography technique using our custom built aerostat. Similar to the Satellite Imagery services, this data is primarily used to improve deposition planning.

Imagery Services

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